So I started a blog….again

I have to be honest, this is my third attempt at starting a blog and yet another attempt at keeping it up. In my past blogging attempts, I would try to be a news source for entertainment; posting reviews of new releases, trailers, and other news. I’d begin, but would realize that I’m one guy with a full time job and as much as I’d like to, I can’t review every new movie, game, or TV show out there so why start. I also wanted to be able to share video projects that I created but felt like those didn’t fit within a “news” style blog. On top of all that, I would always think to myself “No one is going to read this…I’m not well known enough for this to gain attention and will probably only be read by a couple Facebook friends and my wife” (yes, Samantha, you have to read EVERYTHING no matter how nerdy it is). However, giving up wasn’t doing me any good. Giving up wasn’t going to introduce others to my work. I needed to take the advice of the great Michael Scott:

I’ve really been wanting, more needing, to have a place that could be a creative outlet where I share my love of media, as well as my own videos, graphics, or other bits of creativity that come out of my head. I needed to rethink my strategy and the result is this site; a place where I can put my own video projects out into the world but also be the outlet I need to write about my love of all things media. I’m not going to restrict myself to only current releases. Will I still post reviews of new releases? Sure, but now I won’t feel like I’m betraying the purpose of the blog if I post a review for Predator because I just watched it for the first time (SPOILER ALERT: I still haven’t seen it).

Really, the purpose of this site is two-fold, as I hope that it will not only act as an outlet, but a place where I can grow my own skills and creativity by analyzing the works of others and seeing the reaction to my own work. With that in mind, please explore the rest of my site. Watch some videos, read some posts, and leave some comments. I appreciate the feedback!

Who knows, the audience of this blog and website may never grow beyond my Facebook friends and Twitter followers, but it could…

At least I took a shot.

– Jerrett

PS: I’d encourage you all to go visit my beautiful bride’s website, She’s an incredibly talented photographer and has some really awesome photos up. Check it out!


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