Catching Up

What a way to start a new blog huh? Write three posts and then don’t post anything for over a week. Great way to keep the readers interested. To fill you in and make up for the gap, here’s a recap of the media I’ve ingested lately:

I watched five new movies

The first film that I watched was Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was a great sequel and actually made me like Captain America as a superhero. I wasn’t really a fan of the first Captain America movie. I couldn’t buy Captain as a legitimate superhero like Iron Man or Thor. I’m not sure why, he just didn’t seem to have the same amount of flair or charisma as his Avenger counterparts. Winter Soldier was a great superhero flick, seeming more like a political thriller rather than an action movie. Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of great fight scenes to go around.

After watching the HBO series Rome, I became a huge fan of British actor James Purefoy. I unfortunately have not been able to find the time to start The Following, but I did have the chance to watch him in the film Solomon Kane. Solomon Kane is the story of a violent mercenary, who after being told by the Devil’s Reaper that his soul is damned, gives up violence and begins a life of peace to hopefully redeem his soul. After taking up with a Pilgrim family, his peaceful ways are threatened when he must choose between protecting those he has come to love or keeping his vow of non-violence. Solomon Kane is a great supernatural adventure film that I found highly entertaining.

The next film that I watched was actually a documentary titled Grounded: Making the Last of Us. As I’ve already mentioned my extreme love of The Last of Us, watching this documentary about it’s creation was incredibly interesting. To see all of the attention developer Naughty Dog gave to the tiniest detail and how much actually goes into building a video game other than writing code was eye opening. I loved getting to see all of the footage of the motion capturing of the actors, which gave me a deeper appreciation for those who act in games. Another part of note was the making of the soundtrack and hearing composer Gustavo Santaolalla describe his creative process and see what instruments he used to create The Last of Us’ great soundtrack.

I corrected major wrong and watched, for the first time, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I’ve seen all the other Indiana Jones movies before but had never gotten around to watching Temple of Doom. When I was younger my parents wouldn’t let me and my siblings watch it because it was a bit more mature than the other films in the series and after watching Temple of Doom I can understand why…the heart-out-of-the-chest scene is pretty gruesome. Still, it was a great adventure that stands up well with rest of the series and has plenty of the cheesy one liners and acts of heroism that make Indiana Jones such a great character.

Finally, I watched The Kings of Summer, a fun drama that centers around three teenage boys who become tired of their lives at home. To get the freedom they desire they set out to make a life for themselves by building a house in the middle of the forest and living off the land. Of course, they’re doing all of this unknown to their parents who are left wondering what had happened to their sons. Although the plot sounds depressing, there are plenty of comedic moments between the boys and from the performance of Nick Offerman as one of the boy’s father.

I descended into the hell that is Dark Souls

Dark Souls is widely renowned as one of, if not the hardest game ever made. Anyone who has ever said that is absolutely right: It is the hardest game that I have ever played. I’ve gone about 5 hours in and have only made it to the Firelink Shrine (the second area of the game) and have probably spent 3 of those hours fighting the same group of skeleton soldiers. I probably would have quit any other game by now but Dark Souls presents such a massive challenge that the desire to conquer the game keeps me engaged even if I’m battling the same opponents over and over again. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress in later posts. If I’m able to make any more progress that is…

– Jerrett


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