Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta Recap

call_of_duty_black_ops_iii-wideThis past weekend Treyarch released the multiplayer beta for the latest entry in the Call of Duty series, Black Ops III. The beta was originally going to be released only to those who had pre-ordered the game but after the first two days the beta was unlocked to all Playstation 4 owners. I quickly downloaded it and got to playing!

The major way that the multiplayer deviates from previous Call of Duty titles is that instead of every player being the same soldier but with unique weapon and ability load-outs, each player must first choose a Specialist. Each Specialist has an unlockable weapon and ability that can only be used one at a time. Along with this system, Treyarch upped mobility by allowing players to use boosters (similar to the EXO system in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare) and the ability to run across walls. This added mobility made for a very active battlefield where opponents can come from literally any angle.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to unlock and play all of the Specialists available in the beta, but I got some good play time in with the Prophet, Ruin, and Outrider classes. I could write more about my experience with these Specialists but since video is what I do, how about you watch it instead? Check out the video below for my recap and experience the action for yourself!


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