“Succumb” Saber Fight

Succumb Final Edit.mov.Still001Although I haven’t made it public on this blog yet (which is surprising for me) I am a huge Star Wars fanboy. I hope that one day I’ll able to work on or be in a Star Wars movie and since Disney is continuing the franchise my dream lives on. But in honor of Force Friday, I thought I’d share the closest that I’ve come to working on Star Wars which was the short film “Succumb” I edited back in 2009. It’s a steampunk/sci-fi movie and includes a lightsaber fight which was a ton of fun to animate. It was my first time working with the lightsaber effect but won’t be the last. This is just a preview of the scene but if you want to watch the whole movie you can at this link: https://vimeo.com/17269285


Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta Recap

call_of_duty_black_ops_iii-wideThis past weekend Treyarch released the multiplayer beta for the latest entry in the Call of Duty series, Black Ops III. The beta was originally going to be released only to those who had pre-ordered the game but after the first two days the beta was unlocked to all Playstation 4 owners. I quickly downloaded it and got to playing!

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Ninjas and RVs

I was going through some of my older projects recently and uncovered this ad campaign concept I made back in 2009 for not driving without car insurance. I watched it again and it’s still one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made purely because of the randomness of the concept. Why car insurance? Why does the businessman live in a RV? (Spoiler alert: It’s because I lived in that RV for a time) Why is the ninja hunting him? Who knows but it’s about as dumb as driving without car insurance.

JAM Honeymoon – A Tribute to “30 Rock”

My wife Samantha and I (Sam & Jerrett = JAM) recently celebrated our first anniversary! During our first year of marriage, I had off and on been working on our wedding and honeymoon footage. For our honeymoon we traveled to New York City and being huge 30 Rock fans, I thought it fitting that I recreate the 30 Rock intro using our photos and video from the trip to personalize it. Enjoy!

– Jerrett

Trivia Time!

The Newport Beach Film Festival recently released this trailer to promote the 2014 festival and it’s 15th anniversary. As you’ll see, the father in the video is telling his daughter a bedtime story that starts out in the traditional manner, but quickly evolves into a crazy, gruesome tale that Continue reading “Trivia Time!”