Marketing piece to promote the Paperless Agent’s 14 Day Trial.
My Roles: Cinematography / Editor / Motion Graphics / Voice Over

A recent episode of my show, Team Chat Podcast. See the rest of our episode on our YouTube channel!
My Roles: Host / Production / Editing

First video in a “Meet the Team” video for The Paperless Agent filmed over Zoom – January 2021
My Roles: Editing / Motion Graphics

30 second ad created for The Paperless Agent – May 2020
My Roles: Editing / Motion Graphics

Puppy Bowl parody created in association with EPIC Provisions. Premiered on their Facebook page on February 4th, 2018
My Position: Cinematography / Editor / Motion Graphics

Marketing video for ARX Fit.
My Position: Filming / Editing

Promotional video for Efficient Exercise gyms – January 2018
My Position: Filming / Editing

Garry Creath and Chris Scott of the Paperless Agent explore the expo floor of the California Association of Realtors Conference in Long Beach, California.
My Position: Cinematography / Editor

Demo video for the BarkHappy phone app.
My Position: Editor / Motion Graphics

A 2009 documentary I co-directed and edited about Blanchard High School’s 1979 Oklahoma State Championship season as told by three members of the team. “Down on the Corner” used by permission.
My position: Co-director / Editor

This is my very first documentary that I made about the life of my great-grandmother Wilma Berglan in 2008. Through the course of her life she has been able to impact her family through various ways and even see the fifth generation of her family. Even though this video is old and there are many things I would do differently now, it’s one of my favorites because it was my first project of any significance.

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